Mid Week races

Some of the newer members have been asking what local races are available throughout the summer months. These are a selection that take place mid-week and provide an excellent opportunity to race close to home. There are usually Harriers at all of these events.
All three of the races are a series, which give you an opportunity to monitor your improvement through the summer or provide more than one opportunity to try a race if you have other commitments. The races have been listed in chronological order and difficulty.
If you see other races you fancy then ask around at training, chances are that someone has either done them or is planning to.The two main websites that list races are 
www.ukresults.net and www.race-results.co.uk

These races are well worth a try.

Chorley Trail Race Series, registration at Baron’s Rest Pub by entrance to Astley Park, Chorley.

Dates: Usually a series of 4 races first Wednesday of the month – May to August at 7.30pm (No June race in 2014)

Further details: www.ukresults.net/forms/140806astleysen.pdf

Distance/Ascent: 4.33 miles 60 metres

Terrain: Park paths and trails – wooded sections can sometimes be slightly muddy – Road or Trail shoe

What you need to know: Good race for all abilities. Two lap course but three times up the hill including the finish in front of Astley Hall. Excellent venue for spectators as plenty of opportunities to watch. Junior race held earlier in the evening. Results and prizes are given out in the pub afterwards.





Jubilee Race Series, registration at Rivington Village ClubDates: Series of 4 races on Wednesdays – May to August at 7.30pm

Further details: www.race-results.co.uk/onlineentries/uploads/entry1641.pdf

Distance/Ascent: 4.9 miles 120 metres

Terrain: Road – Road shoe recommended

What you need to know: Two laps with a flat start with a hill in the middle. 200 metre finishing straight is off road and flat, perfect for practising the perfect sprint finish. Although on road it is very quiet and generally traffic free. Andy Kaufman managed a podium finish last year even though he turned up expecting a trail race. Results and prizes are given out in the club afterwards.



Harrock Hill Race, registration at Farmer’s Arms, Bispham.

Dates: Series of 4 races last Wednesday of the month – May to August at 7.30pm

Further details: www.ukresults.net/14may.html#harrock

Distance/Ascent: 5.15 miles 190 metres

Terrain: Trails and fields – Trail shoe recommended if possible

What you need to know: First hill is frantic as it bottlenecks at the top and sometimes the cows try to take part. Andy Eccles has fond memories of this race! A great lung bursting blast through the rolling countryside east of Parbold. Results and prizes are given out in the pub afterwards with boxes of fruit and veg as prizes.



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