Chorley 4.4m final race 2013

A huge field of 273 runners lined up for the 4th & final Chorley 4.4 mile on Wednesday 7th August.  Six Harriers took on the challenging course which features a lovely steep incline that the runners are asked to tackle three times………to say the last climb up to the finish really hurts is quite an understatement!  Luckily Waddy & Kev were on the sidelines to offer appropriate encouragement as the going got tough.
The field was peppered with some very strong runners & to everyone’s surprise Anthony Valentine from Bolton lost out to his team mate, Tomas Carson, who came home in an impressive 21:50.  All Harriers finished in the top 100, with Chris Smullen leading the way in 25:22 (24th).  Chris Burgess decided that queuing at the gate was for losers, choosing to leap over it instead, making up around 10 places as he did so!  This helped bring him home in 26:30 (45th).
The start line trash talking between Mike Harris & Dave Collins helped to drive them both in a close battle all the way to the finish.  Mike just sneaked it in 27:13 (56th) just 2 seconds & 2 places ahead of Dave.  However, Mr.Collins had the last laugh over his post-run pint of Guiness when the series results revealed that he had finished 6th, beating Mike by just one point!  Jayne Taylor finished in 28:03 (75th) securing 1st place in the Ladies Series & Ladies Vet Series – a clean sweep, well done! Ash was the final Harrier home in 28:54 (92nd).  Considering he had been fasting for the last month, this result was something to be proud of.
As the summer races start to wind up, thoughts start to turn towards the character-building cross-country season………..that’s enough to send a shiver down the spine!

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