Elswick 10 Mile

Tracey dutton reports on her recent Elswick 10 miler:

I set off for Elswick 10 Mile race with frozen bottles of water in a cool bag, energy drink and lots of suncream.  I arrived early and did a 2 mile warm up with one of the girls from Wesham.  I have done this race 2 years previously in a time of 64:23.  The race takes you through the winding country lanes of Elswick, Inskip and Great Eccleston.  
The field was very small, I think this was due to the very hot weather, only 74 runners.  The started at 10:30am, by 3 miles my face was burning up with the heat.  I grabbed a bottle of water at 3 miles and tried to take several sips before discarding in the large bag further up the road, the water was making me feel sick but I knew I had to keep hydrated.
 I settled into a nice pace and caught two guys up at 5 mile and soon left them behind.  I ran the rest of the race on my own, I could just about see one guy in front of me.  At 6 miles I grabbed another bottle of water and tried to take several sips before again discarding the bottle.  
The last two miles of the race were a struggled, there was no 9 mile mark so the last two miles seemed to go on forever.  All I kept thinking of was to finish safely and was looking forward to the Bonds icecream afterwards.  I don’t usually sweat in races, but I could have wrung my clothes out at the finish.  I finished the race 17th overall, 4th lady and got a bottle of wine for 1st V40 in a time of 68:07.  
We were all given a goody bag of a medal, bottle of water, Bonds Icecream Voucher and fruit consisting of 1 apple, 1 orange, 1 banana and a melon.  There was loads of bags of fruit left over at the end, so Alan said I could take 3 bags, which I gratefully took as I knew there was another Bonds Icecream voucher in the bags. After presentation I drove a short distance up the road to Bonds Icecream and enjoyed a double scoop waffle cone icecream (rum and raisin and banana boat flavours).  All I had to pay for was the 25p chocolate flake.  

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