Freckleton Half Marathon

Tracey Dutton donned the red and black vest for the Freckleton Half marathon last week and had a superb run for the club.

Pre-race nerves weren’t helped as husband Michael waited until junction of the M6 Motorway before announcing that he had forgotten his insoles for his trainers. An about turn quickly followed and a return trip home to collect them.  It was 12:15 at this point and Tracey put her foot down to get back to Freckleton in time to collect her number at 1pm.

There was enough time to say hello to a few friends before heading back to the car to get ready for the race whereupon Michael then chirped up that he had also left his shorts at home! Lucky for him Tony Bolton had a stall at the race sparing him from having to run in his underwear….(forgetting your kit is no excuse)

Michael bought some new black shorts and Tracey went off to do a warm up.

The race started at 2pm with a lap of the sports field. Tracey settled in to her race pace and could see the first lady Joanne Goorney just ahead.  Brian Porter was escorting the leading lady runners and having a grand time enjoying his perfect mobile spectators view of the race. Brian was obviously whipping up the competition when he dropped back to offer Tracey a few words of encouragement to close the gap!

The heat of the day had Tracey flagging a little at 6 miles.  She took a gel to perk things up before turning onto the long stretch on the dual carriageway. Brian reappeared on his bike and told Tracey she was making this an impressive race.  She asked how far ahead she was of 3rd lady and Brian obliged by dropping back t check the gap, and no doubt encouraged third lady to chase after Tracey a bit too!

Tracey was pleased to hear her rival was a good way behind as the effort began to take is toll with 2.5 miles to go. She greeted the 13 mile marker with some relief and put in a surge for the last corner to finish in a time of 1:30:03  for 2nd lady

She was too sore to attempt a col down run and went home happy with her race and in possession of £80 in Sweatshop vouchers and a nice touch of sunburn too!.

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