Tracey on Track!

Tracey Dutton answered the call for lady runners to compete on the track in Southampton this weekend. Here is her report:

Arrived at Holiday Inn in Basingstoke on Saturday around 6ish and went for a lovely chinese meal. Finally got to bed around midnight. Got up early next morning had a huge breakfast and made up some rolls for later in the day as the event did not start until 12pm.

We had a team briefing and I was told that I was now doing 800m, 1500m and 3000m. Arrived in Southampton at around 10:30am. Was given my list of race times and lane numbers for the day. 800m started at 1:20pm, 3000m started at 2:15pm and 1500m started 3:35pm.

It was quite a chilly day but the sun was shining. Before I started the 800m race Margaret the coach went around the track ready to shout to me when to cut into lane one. I stood on the start line thinking oh my god I am the oldest one here, everyone is half my age.

The gun went off and I tried my best to catch the other ladies but they were gone, the wind was really bad on the back stretch. I was on my second thinking what have I let myself in for here. I finished the 800m race in 2:55 which I was really pleased with even though I came last.

The next race was the 3000m. The gun went off and I was more relaxed and knew what sort of pace to go at. I was so pleased to see that I didnt have to count the laps and that they rung the bell for every runner. I managed to over take two over runners. I finished the 3000m race in 11:36 and was over the moon as this was more my distance on the track.

800m far too fast for me.

I had just over 1 hour to the next event so I had a sandwich to give me some energy for the last event as my legs were starting to tire. I lined up for the final race, the gun went off and I finished the 1500m race in 5:38. I was absolutely wiped out by the end of the day.

I didn’t think doing track races would make you so tired. The other young girls in the club did really well in all their events and we all had a fab weekend with lots of laughs. I finally arrived back home in Wigan at 10:45pm and celebrated with a large brandy and port and a bag of crisps. Finally got to bed at 12pm.

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