Catforth 5k Report 2013

Tracey Dutton was in action yet again this weekend with a visit to Catforth for the 5k series. the race started at 6:30pm with a record turn out of 67 runners. Tracey describes a “lovely flat course except for the strong winds on the last mile…and the heavens opening up towards the end of the course”.

It seems our Tracey doesn,t turn out for a race these days unless there is something decent on the menu for afters, and this time she wasn’t disappointed with a Pie and either a can of Boddingtons Bitter or a can of Strongbow Cider at the end!

She ran the first two miles well but suffered from the headind in the last third of the race. Tracey was struggling to catch her breath all the way to the finish. Only in the last mile did she relinquish the 3rd lady position eventually finishing 4th and 20th overall in 19:55. Husband Michael who had another good run finished 48th overall in 24:38.

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