Fishwick Bottoms 5 miler Race Report

Tracey Dutton gives us her report on the Fishwick Bottoms race:

This race was cancelled a couple of Sundays ago. After a stressful day at work, took 1hr 15mins to get to Preston due to bad accident on motorway, we ducked and dived around Wrightington and Chorley to get to M61.Arrived at Callan Estate at 6:30pm with less than 30 minutes to collect our numbers and do a short warm up.

There was only 31 runners. Most runners said they had done the race before and that it was very undulating, I thought it cant be that undulating around here, how wrong was I. We set off running through Callan Estate, then down a very steep hill on to the trail path, then down lots and lots of wooden steps, these steps I managed ok and then over a metal stile. I was leading lady all the way around the first lap up London road (steep hill), then was directed over another metal stile, I nearly fell getting over this one and off I was following the leading male runners into the woods and then back over the metal stile onto the route we came on.

I then made the mistake of following the leading runners (whom had done the race before) instead of turning left, so I ended up going 1/4 mile out of my way. I turned back and the 3rd lady had already gone up the extremely steep hill, which I had to go up on tip toes and my legs were burning by time I got to the top. I saw the 2nd lady bent over half way up the hill and I asked her if she was ok (I thought she had a stitch). She said I’ve lost my crown and need to find it. (A another guy found the crown for her).

We then started another lap I then passed the 3rd lady and became 1st lady again. We all thought we had to go back up London Road hill, the marshalling was very poor, after other runners and a marshall finally saying no its back up the very steep hill (I muttered will you flaming make your minds up), I was getting annoyed at this point as I was running well. I tackled the very steep hill for the last time, glad that I had done some hill sessions.

Got to the top and was told by the marshalls go straight through the estate to the finish, this was not clear, again I followed another runner only to going wrong again, I saw the 3rd lady where the marshall was stood looking our way running past him from the other direction. I put on a sprint finish thinking I could still be 1st lady only to find the 2nd lady had already finished a minute in front of me. My time was 37:00, but really should have been around 36:00. Michael did really well and did not get lost in a time of 42:56. We all got goody bags which contained banana, crisps, mars bar, water, shower gels, face creams, keyrings etc.

The 1st lady informed the marshall that I deserved the 1st lady prize. The marshall agreed and I got 1st lady prize. Michael got a spot prize of a bottle of wine, which made his day. We all saw the funny side of the race afterwards. It is definitely not a pb course, but is a lovely race to do and was lovely to see my running friends from Wesham, red rose and burden there.

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