Harrock Hill Coming up…and up..and up

The first of the infamous Harrock Hill series takes place on Wednesday night with Harriers sending a hardy contingent of runners to test their mettle. With only 3 runners needed for a team we hope to field at least 2 squads on the night.

Race HQ is the farmers arms at Bispham Green, (point your Sat Navs at L40 3SL) with the race starting at 7.30pm. Entry fee is £3.50 or £10 for the full 4 race series. There will be a few Harriers taking part in the full series so it may be best value to get your £10 in early!

Anyone taking part is advised to take a little care and avoid the heroics of Andy Eccles at last years event: Harrock 2012


2 thoughts on “Harrock Hill Coming up…and up..and up

  1. I ran the course at the weekend and noticed a few hazards. The style at the top of the quarry – where Andy came adrift last time I think – is missing the step so if you go whanging over it at speed you are likely to hit the post… There were some head height bushes on the down path which were dealt with by a guerilla gardener and some sticking out branches in the section where you leave Parbold hill and drop down to the stream ditto. The fields and top section are pretty good going at the moment. After the windmill where you are flying down through the gorse its muddy, rocky, spiky and, well, just all round exciting!

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