Catforth 7 2013 Report

After a glorious start to the weekend it was looking good for a fine day for Tracey Dutton at the Catforth 7 mile race on the Sunday. By the time of the 10am start the British weather had performed its usual trick of switching from Spring to Winter with a sharp wind and accompanying blasts of drizzle to greet those lined up to tackle the race.

Cold and wet are not Traceys favourite conditions but she got off to a good start along the pancake flat first couple of miles. The trouble started after the 2 miles point where the route turned towards Inskip and right into the teeth of the wind.

Tracey described it as a “gale force wind” which runners then had to battle all the way to the finish. Just to add an final insult to the mix, a heavy downpour greeted runners in the final stages. The general consensus post race was that the weather had added at least an extra 3 minutes on previous times.

Despite this Tracey was pleased to finish 2nd lady in a still impressive 49:03. Her placing earned her a bottle of Chile Merlot wine which we expect went well with the 2 pieces of Ginger Cake she snaffled at the end!


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