Runcorn Bridge 5 miler – 2013

Darren jackson took part in the Runcorn Bridge 5 miler this weekend:

First race of summer but 3rd PB in a row!  Weather was fantastic this morning but I was not feeling as confident as I have done in the last two races – I hate loosing sleep. I have run Runcorn Bridge 5miler for the past 3 years and really enjoy the course. The race went well taking 61seconds of my previous PB, finishing in 31:41.

I stated the race quite conservatively setting the pace at 6:20, although the coach said go off at 6:12 and aim for 31min – Colin (chimp) was not happy with that plan!!! To those who know how clumsy I am: during Strength and Conditioning yesterday I went over on my ankle whilst avoiding a medicine ball smacking me in the face! I didn’t know how the ankle was going to respond to being on the toes this morning, however, the first couple of miles were sore but it loosened off.

When reaching 2 miles I felt relaxed and the next mile was soon upon me. I was marking a guy until 4 miles and whilst still feeling comfortable I pushed past. The last mile in this race is one straight road, which is great if you feel comfortable.

I went past a few on the last mile and still feeling strong at the end! I don’t want to sound too much like Graham Ultra Runner Millington with my race reports so its back to training – the miles have slipped the last three weeks but I’m more than pleased that the speed is returning.  The S&C Is assisting with form and confidence that will come in handy for the debut 5k on the track on 14 April.


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