Wilmslow Half 2013

Darren Jackson gives us this report on the Wilmslow Half:

Well I was glad that the relays were cancelled yesterday just so that the legs felt a bit fresh for Wilmslow.  I think it is fair to say that every man and his dog knows that it was freezing cold today.  I collected Mr Burgress to embark on the journey to Charlton to collect his new identity (David Delahunty) but the funny thing is he was +55.

It was freezing when we arrived at Wilmslow and we had 90min to spare, after a couple of toilet visits we went and sat in the car laughing because of the pre race nerves.  I covered my body in deep heat because I was determined to run only in my Wigan vest.  The foil ready we made our way to the start.

It was agreed that Chris and I would stay together until 10miles and if felt good would push on and meet at the end.  The start was slow as always at Wilmslow and Chris and I got separated until around 5miles.  We were running between 5:45 and 5:50 which was maintained until 9 miles when we got separated.  I was still very comfortable and at 10 miles I pushed on and tried to up the pace which I did, however the wind was horrendous.  There was a hill at 11 miles, that I had forgot about and the pace dropped to 7 min pace.  There was no getting through the wind and it stayed with us until the end.  I had to work hard for my new PB 129.27, yet at one point until I hit 11miles I thought I would be in the 128s team.  It didn’t happen but it will because I’m not a complacent runner.

Well done to my compatriot Chris (aka David Delahunty) for is effort this morning finishing in 92:27 – 1st half marathon in tens years – well done.  See you at Runcorn next Sunday for 5miles.

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