Roddlesworth Roller & Doddle 2013 Report

The majority of our runners may have been testing their speed on fast flat 10k courses this weekend, but that easy option was not for Shona Taylor. Shona and daughter Em took on the challenging inclines of the 25th Roddlesworth Roller and Doddle. In her own words:

At the start line of the Roller it was blowing the odd dusting of snow
in a truly arctic wind. A bunch of us sheltering in the pub doorway
concluded that we were all mad but with 175 finishers there were a lot
of daft folk out that day! After a short section along the reservoir we
headed up into the (slight) shelter of the trees.

After the fourth orfifth up and then down section I understood the “roller” bit and my legs were begging to hit the top as I knew that with finish in the same place as we started there should be some downhill. There was – a shallow decline down a road into the wind so no bonus there.

Big names like Suzanne Budget were dropping like flies and taking
their numbers off. Above the snow line at this point. Then through a gate and the serious down-hill. Flying over shallow steps and tree roots it was a miracle I stayed upright but then we went up again and … On the final half mile along the reservoir I could see some folk in front and reeled them in successfully.

Back at the school later there was a wounded bench with a girl icing an ankle and a bloke abraded from top to toe, so the down-hill took a few prizes.

Then it was straight down the road to the start line for the “Doddle”, a swig of juice then off again. Under 10s were meant to be accompanied. I knew this could be a challenge for the so called adult accompanier and so it was at starting. Em shot off in front and I got caught in a pinch section for a bit. Caught her up on the hill and whipped her on a bit.
Cresting the top she saw where she was and kicked again. I kept up for
a spell shouting encouragement but then she dropped me at the finish.
Hmm, I could have used better placement tactics early on but by next year the accompanier won’t be in the race…

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