Harriers Racing Calendar

Now that the Cross Country season is finally over,  we will all soon be missing the camaraderie and fun to be had turning up en masse in Harriers vests for running events across the country. In order to ensure we can all still get our fix of Team Spirit in the months ahead we have put together a list of “target races“.

The idea is that when plotting out your racing year you can have a quick look at the Harriers race list for any events at which you fancy a bit of company and support from fellow Harriers. These arent team events and we won’t be rallying attendance for these events in quite the same way as the cross country, but we can guarantee at least a handful of Wigan vests will be there for mutual support and maybe a bit of car sharing. These races are also a great opportunity for some of our newer runners to gain experience at a racing event with the support and back up of fellow club members.

There will be a couple of races where we really do intend to have a big showing which we will issue notice to all members in advance. One date for your diary is the Grasmere Gallop coming up on on 8th of June. Harriers had a great turnout here last year and a very pleasant evening in Ambleside for those who stayed over.

Check out this race and all the others on our Fixtures page: Wigan Harriers Fixtures


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