Be Seen!

hivizWe may have passed the shortest day and the evenings are drawing on, but its still pretty dark around the DW when we train on a Tuesday and Thursday. We are lucky to have a mainly traffic free circuit to train on, but we do still; get the occasional car, cyclist or pedestrian on the route.

On that basis its still too soon to put away your stylish Hi-Viz kit even though one or two of us seem to have done so recently! We have had a few “all-in-black” stealthy runners doing the sessions over the past few weeks who could double up as cat burgulars they are so hard to see in the dark!

Can all runners please make sure they turn up fully flourescent for the next few weeks until the clocks finally go back and we can all parade our snazzy Spring running gear! Wearing a head torch is a great idea, but doesn’t preclude the need for a bit of day-glo yellow and scotchlite. Even with a light on we would still prefer to see a hi-viz bib or item of safety kit.

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