Astley Cross Funtry

For anyone who didn’t get more than their fill of cross country last Saturday on the frozen wastes of Knowsley may be interested in popping over to Gin Pits on Saturday.

Our friends at Astley and Tyldesley  are hosting a 5 mile “Cross Funtry” from 11:30 am on this local course. After the Northern Cross last week, many would question the sanity of anyone connecting the words “cross country” and “fun”, but Astley are doing it all in aid of a good cause. One of their number, Alex Foster, is traveling to Turkey to compete for great Britain and the club is aiming to raise a few quid to help him on his way.

Anyone choosing to run will have to fork out the grand sum of £4.00, and remember to take a change of footwear in order to gain access to the Welfare Club after the event. You will also be obliged o submit a report to Graham for inclusion on the site!

Go here for more details: Astley and Tyldesley Cross Funtry


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