New Year New Runners!

Get fit for 2013 with Wigan Harriers

With the New Year fast approaching the thoughts of many will turn to burning off the Christmas excess with a new health and exercise regime. Weight loss and a healthier lifestyle are the top priority of people investing significant sums in a gym membership in January. But is there a better, and cheaper way to get ft for 2013 and drop a few pounds along the way?

Well you cant get much cheaper than FREE!

Wigan Harriers Endurance group meet regularly throughout the week and it will cost you absolutely nothing to join in the free training sessions. The main night is Thursdays from 7pm when runners of all abilities meet up outside the DW stadium for a session to suit every level. We have runners aiming just to jog and chat whilst burning off a few calories, alongside those looking to get into training for a new year 10k charity race or even a Spring Marathon.

Whatever your goals, there is no need to slog it out in the sweaty boredom of an overcrowded gym when you can come along and benefit from the company, knowledge, experience and encouragement of Wigan Harriers without having to spend a penny!

Have a look at the Training Times page for details of the various sessions held around Wigan, or just come along to our busy Thursday evening session where you are sure to find someone to match your own abilities and goals. We next meet on 03.01.2013 to kick off the year. There is no better way to achieve sustainable, long term weight loss and improved fitness than running – and all the equipment you ill need is a decent pair of running shoes and the courage to take that first step!

See you in 2013

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