Schools Cross Country Success

As the Senior wing of Wigan Harriers Endurance runners ready themselves for cross country action in Liverpool tomorrow, we are delighted to report some tremendous success from the younger members of the club last weekend.

A fabulous 41 of our youngsters took part in the Greater Manchester Schools Cross Country, recording some tremendous results. Many of the names will be familiar to those of us who train on a Thursday evening. Remember them well as we may be bragging about having trained with some of these youngsters in a few years time!

It would be wrong to single out performances so below is the full list of those who took part and where they finished:

Year 4 Girls: Isobella Morris – 8th  Cassidy Platt – 25th

Year 5 Girls: Grace Whittle 12th

Year 5 Boys: Harry Scarborough – 8th, Thomas Scarborough – 16th

Year 6 Girls: Jade Kinnear – 1st, Bethany Wilkins – 4th, Erin Baker – 14th

Year 6 Boys: Daniel Dean – 1st, Jamie Marshall – 2nd

Year 7 Girls: Kim Baptista – 1st, Georgia Walsh – 12th, Rebecca Jones – 13th, Victoria Booth – 19th, Abbie Higham – 25th

Year 7 Boys: Matthew Lynch – 7th, George Scarborough – 11th, Jacob Green – 15th

Year 8 and 9 Girls: Charlotte Newsham – 1st, Alice Rowe – 2nd, Rachel Sidebotham – 5th, Emma Wheatley – 6th, Maisi Ashurst-Williams – 11th, Katrina Dean – 13th, Ellie Leigh – 20th, Emma Blake – 23rd, Olivia Green – 25th, Alivia Hanley – 28th, Rebecca Wlakden – 38th, Ellie Harrison – 45th, Samantha Walkden – 82nd

Year 8 and 9 Boys: Faizal Khan – 1st, Tim Hartley – 2nd, Lewis Barlow – 5th, Henry Lucas – 6th

Year 10 and 11 Girls: Danielle Thompson – 1st, Zoe Hughes – 4th, Emily Borthwick – 5th, Toni Clayton – 6th, Olivia Rowe – 7th, Jade Mills – 47th

West Lancs Schools Cross Country: Jack Dee-Ingham – 1st


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