Cat and Fiddle Hill Climb

A Race Report with a difference as Andy Ratcliffe updates on what he’s been up to whilst recovering from long term injury:

I’ve been feeling a bit left out with all the results you lot have been posting so I thought I’d enter the Cat and Fiddle Hill Climb on the 23 Sept…albeit on two wheels rather than 2 feet.

Luckily I’d entered early as the 150 limit was reached. Start was 10am with riders setting off at minute intervals. My start time was 11.07. Anyone who knows the Cat and Fiddle will know its not a steep climb but does drag on for 6.3miles, and just to make it that little harder there was a strong head wind for the majority of the climb. Off I went but had I gone off to fast as I’d passed 3 riders within the first mile, (albeit 2 juniors and a V60). Three miles done and still feeling good but resisted the temptation to push harder so as not to ‘blow’; this would be a mistake I would regret……..

3 more riders passed and the finish was in sight, but still a mile to go. Now was the time to push as I was still feeing strong although my lungs were burning. A 20mph average for the last mile – if only I’d of pushed on earlier….. Never mind 27.30 for 6.3 miles uphill. I was still pleased, amd now for the easy ride back to find out we’re I stood.

9th Vet 40-49 and 37th overall not bad for a first attempt.

A Multi eventer!!!!


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