Stand out from the Crowd

The nights are beginning to draw in now that our glorious British summer is coming to a close. The shorter days mean the sun will be setting earlier on our training sessions, and it is likely to be pretty murky by the time we finish the session on Thursday nights around the DW Stadium.

Most of our circuit is closed to traffic, but we do share a few sections with the odd vehicle or two.  We may be able to see them coming but it can be tricky for drivers not expecting a horde of athletes charging about to spot us in the gathering gloom of Autumn. With that in mind it is suggested that we all make the effort to increase our visibility on Thursday nights. A Hi-Viz training shirt, bib or even small running light are recommended items for the Thursdays sessions from this week on. All runners are asked to dig out those garish yellow, green and flouro pink tops from the cupboard and brighten up Robin Park and its environs.

We hope to obtain a supply of gilets or tabards to have on hand for anyone who forgets, but until then lets see just how dazzling we can all be!


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