Pennington Flash Report

Darren Jacksons Pennington Report

I haven’t raced since Grasmere Gallop but have been threatening for a couple of weeks that I would do a 5k! I prepared well, I had a couple beers andChinese takeaway because I did not want to put myself under to much pressure.

I decided that I would do Pennington Flash given that it would fit in with my marathon plan. I ran 3.5 miles to the flash from home in good time to be able to relax prior to the race. I decide I was going to run my own race and even with kicking at the end if there was anything left!! I noticed that there was a local rival from  Phoenix running and decided that I could not allow him to beat me (the abuse I would suffer from the group would be un-describable!)

Jeff (the Phoenix) and I ran all the way together, he was stronger than me on the hill, but I knew I would out kick him if I could stay close as possible. The final lap I felt okay but did not want to climb the last hill again, nevertheless when getting to the top I dug deep and was determined that I was going to finish in the top 3.
I finished in 19.27, not a PB but happy


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