Manchester Marathon 2012 – Daves Report

Dave Collins report below – but in his modesty, what he doesnt mention is that he finished 3rd Male vet 50 which is an astonishing achievment in the conditions. Dave truly brought a bit of marathon glory to the club with that run.

Daves Report:

GoreTex Dave defies the Rain

My pre-race plan to sit behind the group following the 3 hour pacer, was immediately scuppered, as he hared off at something quicker than my (too fast) 6.45 miling; presumably banking some time for what was to hit us in the second half of the race – so much for the promised even pacing! 

Having looped round Old Trafford and entering the cheering crowds once again, a wise father remarked to his awestruck children “These are the fast runners coming by”. I realised that he was talking about the group that I was running in! 

As I was running along the stretch of open road around Carrington, the wind was cruelly accompanied by a burst of hail which all but killed whatever feeling I had in my legs and arms. 

The last few miles saw me pass a progression of runners who had gone off with the 3 hour pacer. I was so relieved that I had gone for the steady option

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